Creators and Merchants Guide

Prison Role Play in Second Life Community Group – Creators and Merchants Guide

The Prison Role Play in Second Life group is intended to bring together all those who are interested in, or curious about, this unique genre of role play. The creators, leaders and members of this group are committed to the belief that a strong community will result in an overall enhancement in the quality of role play as well and increased participation. The content of our website will be from players who themselves are actively involved in one or more of the many role play environments. We will also strive to encourage those who are new to either prison role play or second life as a platform to get involved. What we are not is a means to in any way direct or advance a particular role play or spread drama. Such posts, comments or submissions will vanish with haste.

What this group is not is an attempt to guide the evolution of the community, style or quality in any way. Sharing, information and providing a forum for members to communicate we believe will enrich the role play of all. The focus will be on those who create for the more reality based environments and those who combine correctional play with other elements of law enforcement role-play.

While group owners and website editors will ensure notices and content are consistent with the groups theme, they will not edit others views. Thus the content of the website represents only the views of the authors. Comments are encouraged yet must remain on the theme and content, not in any way derogatory or personal.

Creators and Merchant Members

One of the key roles we hope this group will perform is to provide members, and those who may be interested but not willing to take the dive, with a sense of the diversity of role play activities with which they can become involved. Those who create, sell and in some cases give to the community are a key element in the resulting role play. To do that we are providing merchants with up to two means of communication (those with only a SLMarketplace Presence can have a Static Page Listing but not group notice rights):

A. Static Page Listing on the Web Site

Each creator or merchant is encouraged to provide the information that will fill out a static page on your activity. All pages will be laid out the same to provide the community members with an easy overview of your activities. While this page will be static (unlike a listing or add in world which you can change at will) you can make any changes you desire by sending the content to a site editor. Please also remember this rite is intended for a general audience so all content and photographs must be PG-13. Your information should fit the following general guidelines:

1. The name of the Merchant Store

2. The name of ONE Second Life Resident who interested persons can contact in world and an email if available for non residents.

3. A short description of the tripe of products or creations (not specific product listings) you provide of at most 400 words.

4. Up to 3 photographs (maximum 650 x 650) to be included. One should be indicated as the primary picture to be used.

5. The address of any external web site the creator may have which directly relates to the theme. Merchants can include a link to their SLMarketplace Store.

6. An in world SLurl that those interested can use to teleport to your location.

B. Notice Rights to the Prison Role Play in Second Life Group

We hope you will keep the group informed as to developments in your role play environment and will have the ability to send notices to the group. This will only be provided to those who have dedicated in world stores as the in world group is obviously in world. Only two owners will have this ability and as with the web posting this group is intended for a general audience and thus all notices must be PG-13. Please also remember this is to keep people informed about developments and role play opportunities, not to spam the group with daily events or sales and such (that’s for your own groups). No hard rules here but please use common sense or discuss with one of the owners.

What the Group Asks In Return

This group is intended to unite and grow the prison role play community, nothing more and nothing less. To be clear while the owners and organizers have environments and stores of their own, this is being done solely for the belief that a larger, growing and vibrant community is good for all participants. The only thing we request is that participating merchants display an information kiosk near their arrivals area for those who travel through your world to learn about the group’s efforts. The kiosk is small, 7 prims, 3 very low lag scripts that are purely touch dispensers of group invites, a note card and link to the web site. That’s it.

Please contact Rhia Juran or Torie Breen for more information.

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