One comment on “Being Alone: True Prison Role Play

  1. This is a really hard topic to write about. We’re in SL for fun first of all, at least I am. And making fantasies or experiences to some extent coming alive is a major part of the fun. Sure, why would you turn your computer on just to look at bars? There are better ways to spend your time. But if you’re able to feel the loneliness then even this can make sense. For sure isolation is tough and it has to be tough. In reality you will be very cooperative and follow all rules and even unfair commands of a gurad afterwards simply to avoid it happen again in future.

    For those who can’t handle it, one possibility in RP is to simply turn time forward and to assume the time were spent in isolation. Or supposed you’re not restricted (or have agreed on it before beeing isolated) for sorting inventory or for IMs with your friends online (both far from reality).

    I personally recommend to use the time alone for writing and for reading (both quite near to reality).

    The more critical point is that you can be alone in a prison unintentionally. That’s boring! And you can’t roleplay. A good adjustment of online times and a sufficient number of people online is simply the base for all prison roleplay. Particulary timezones can be a too high hurdle to get over. As I don’t like alts this is my main concern.

    Just my thoughts on this really complex topic. And I apologize if I repeated only your thoughts to some extent.

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