2 comments on “Prison Role-play: Switching Sides

  1. Nat, I always thought you looked better in light blue, or better yet red!

    I agree with you that a well planned transition from one side of the bars to the other is possible, but with very few exceptions, players have a natural role. Given the long term nature of this type of RP it is harder to “fake” a persona. For me, my attempts to play staff have been painful failures. Some non traditional roles for former inmates such as counselors and such may be more natural. Regardless a switch is challenging role play for any player. I’m glad Nat found her home.

  2. Thanks Torie. I knew you, of all people, would be happy seeing me behind bars.

    Like a lot of things in role-play, whether switching sides works for any player depends a lot on how they feel about it (back to your “natural role” description) and on how much they want to put into the change and for how long. I agree it’s a challenging role-play, and there’s an element of burning bridges when a character does it. But once its happened, the feeling which comes when you’ve pulled it off and made the switch brings a great conclusion to a character’s journey.

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